About Allan Schachter

A resident of Quebec, Canada, Allan Schachter demonstrates a strong commitment to his local community through the support of several charities, including the Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. In addition, he has donated to The War Amps, which helps those who have lost limbs in combat, and the Knights of Pythias, a fraternal order that promotes peace. In support of cancer research, Allan Schachter has included the Jewish General Hospital’s annual Ride to Conquer Cancer and the Cedars Cancer Institute’s annual Dragon Boat Race among his philanthropic efforts. He also donates to Combined Jewish Appeal, which represents the concerns of the Jewish community.

Professionally, Allan Schachter helped oversee the expansion of Cansew Inc., for almost four decades and currently functions as the corporation’s Vice President. A one-stop supplier for sewing professionals, Cansew offers a full range of threads, elastics, cutting and design room tools, elastics, and trims. The company backs all products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and even manufactures custom products, such as color-matched sewing materials. With the help of Allan Schachter, the company launched Cansew Special Operations, which provides flame-retardant materials for firefighters and other emergency responders. This branch of Cansew currently offers essential protective clothing to teams around the world.

Working in Cansew’s main Montreal office, Allan Schachter manages a team of experienced sales professionals who handle Quebec and the Maritimes as well as international transactions. He also contributes to the company’s marketing efforts and remains deeply involved with the development of both the Cansew and the Cansew Special Operations websites.


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